February 22, 2018

Volunteer Program Info

JCA Volunteer Program

For the 2013-2014 school year, JCA will be continuing a program that provides a way of keeping tuition costs low, by supplying additional volunteer resources.  Due to IRS and employment laws, the program must be structured in the following way.

Built into the 2013-2014 rates is an expectation that parents or a family member will volunteer at least 20 hours for one enrolled child, or 30 hours if you have two or more enrolled children at JCA.  Without these volunteer hours, we have determined that it will cost at least $100 more per student to provide the same quality of educational services.  As parents volunteer at the school, they record their hours and turn them into a volunteer program coordinator, who will help keep track of the hours volunteered.  As soon as the threshold of 20 hours or 30 hours, whatever the case may be.  Parents who do not volunteer the hours needed by April 16, 2014 will be billed a surcharge of $100 per child that must be submitted with their normal May payment, or by May 7, 2014.  The maximum a parent/family will pay is $200.

Our goal with this program is not to charge families additional money, but rather to increase the number of volunteers, which in the long run, keeps the cost of tuition down.  To make this as simple as possible, any parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or the student can volunteer time on behalf of the student.  The time must simply be designated and recorded for the appropriate student.

As a volunteer supported school, there are many activities that would qualify for this program.  A sample listing is below:

  • Tutoring – We could always use tutors to help in various subjects.
  • Cleaning the school – Volunteers are needed to help clean (bathrooms, sweep, mop, and take out the trash) on Wednesday and Friday afternoons to prepare the facility for church services.
  • Lunchroom Helper – Volunteers are needed to heat lunches, supervise students, and clean up after lunches.
  • Playground Upkeep – Volunteers meet once a month to inspect and perform normal maintenance on the playground equipment.
  • Field Trip Chaperone – Teachers occasionally need help driving and chaperoning field trips throughout the year.
  • JCA Prayer Warriors – Anyone that would be willing to commit to meeting once a week at the school to pray for it.
  • Working Concession Stand or Ticket Booth – Volunteers are needed at basketball and volleyball games throughout the season.
  • Reading to Elementary Students – Great job for a stay at home mom or grandparent.
  • A.M. Duty – Sit with the students before school starts so that all teachers can go to morning devotions.
  • P.M. Duty – Call students for the afternoon pickup so that teachers can be available to meet with parents, clean room, etc.
  • Coordinating County Festivals – Individuals are needed to help set up a booth and promote JCA during area festivals in Pearisburg, Narrows, Rich Creek, and Pembroke.
  • Homeroom Moms/Dads – to coordinate various events in the classroom throughout the year.

There are probably a hundred other ways to volunteer and support the school.  To sign up for any of the areas listed above, or to discuss other ideas or ways you can volunteer to support the school, please contact our school office at 540-626-5222.