January 17, 2018


Thank you for your interest in J.C.A.

In the day and age we live we see constant reminders of the spiritual warfare that is raging in our nation. The apostle Paul said our battle is a spiritual one (Eph.6) and will only get worse, (1 Tim. 4, 2 Tim. 3) truly we are seeing it waged against our children. For the first time in America’s history it appears we will leave to the next generation a country more in debt, more morally bankrupt, and more wayward of God and the Judeo Christian principles we were founded upon.

J.C.A. serves our community by providing a Christian, Christ-centered education that seeks to support the values taught in the home and church. I called it the principle of the “3 legged stool”. We seek to provide a quality education and an enhanced Christian walk. We believe truth comes from God, and he is the source of all truth, as such His word is our authority and our basis for education. From the creation of the world and all therein in 6 literal days, to the promise of Christs’ return, we seek to instill these changeless truths into the students of J.C.A

Shahn Wilburn
Pastor, Riverview Baptist Church