February 22, 2018

JCA Tuition/Fees

219 Big Stony Creek Road, Ripplemead, VA 24150 Office Phone: 540-626-5222

Website: www.jcachristianacademy.com              Email: schooloffice@jcachristianacademy.com

  TUITION RATES: School Year 2016-2017

TUITION PER YEAR: Elementary through Grade 12

PER CHILD $3400.00
Testing and Enrollment (per child for New Students only) – Due at application

Curriculum/Book Fee – Due by July 1st or at enrollment (per family)







Academic Course per year $ 500.00
Athletic Program (per child) $   30.00 ($60 .00 max)
Achievement Testing (per child) $ 100.00
Art – 1st Child $ 100.00
Art – 2nd Child $   20.00 ($150.00 max for art)
Gym $ 100.00 ($200.00 max for gym)


Tuition discount for full-time pastors (see #5 below) 50%
Tuition discount for part-time pastors (see #6 below) 25%


  1. All payments are due by the fifth day of the month.
  2. A late charge of $25.00 will be assessed when payment has not been received in the school office by the tenth day of the month.
  3. If you choose to make two payments in the school year, the payments will be due on August 5th and January 5th.
  4. A return check fee of $35 will be charged.
  5. Discount applies to tuition only. All other fees apply. Pastorate must be primary source of income and pastor must meet qualifications outlined in I Timothy, Chapter 3.
  6. Part-time discount applies when a second job is held along with pastoral position, must also meet pastor qualifications outlined in I Timothy, Chapter 3.