February 22, 2018


Jefferson Christian Academy is decidedly academic – distinctly Christian.  JCA is dedicated to assist the parents and the church in the task of training their children to reach their fullest potential, both academically and spiritually. (Prov. 22:6)  Our teachers equip students with excellence in academics, as well as Christian values and philosophy, using curriculum from ABeka, Bob Jones, and Positive Action for Christ.  The low student-teacher ratio enhances the training and care that each child receives at JCA.

– A brief sampling of the key principles/classes taught is listed below –

Bible:   A number of resources are used for the Bible curriculum, based on the age of the student. Key concepts that are fundamental to all evangelical denominations are taught.

Kindergarten:  Students learn to read by the sound and not the sight of the word. They will learn to write their numbers and letters in early cursive style. They will also learn why they are special to their father and mother, and more importantly, their heavenly father.

First Grade:  Focus is on learning about God as the Master Designer of the world around them, while studying plants, animals, insects, energy, health, the seasons, and the five senses.  History lessons will focus on how our country was founded as students are introduced to famous American Patriots as they take imaginary trips across America.

Second Grade: Students learn about the history of our flag, our patriotic songs, and our holidays.  They will study the human body, matter, energy, earth, space, plants, animals, God’s plan for creation and conservation from God’s perspective.

Third Grade:  A study of American history presents in chronological order the biographies of our great Christian leaders starting with George Washington and ending with George W. Bush.  Students will also learn the difference between an invertebrate and a vertebrate as they study the world of animals, the human body and how it works.

Fourth Grade:  Students study birds, cloud formations and how to identify various types of rocks and insects. American history lessons are brought to life with famous people, major events and principles that made America great.

Fifth Grade:  Students study Old World History and Geography.  Students will learn about missions work and missionary heroes.  Students will investigate God’s world: nature, mammals, light, earth, seas, energy, engines, sky, weather and vertebrates, with many investigations and activities.

Sixth Grade: Students study New World History and Geography – a study on North and South America from a Christian perspective focusing on our Native American and European heritage with a tour of the Western Hemisphere.  They will also study science “Observing God’s World” which refutes evolution, presenting the universe as a direct creation of God.

CONTACT THE SCHOOL OFFICE (540-626-5222 or email schooloffice@jcachristianacademy.com) FOR CURICCULUM INFORMATION ABOUT GRADES 7-12.