February 22, 2018


At JCA we are passionate about educating our children in a Christian environment. Like the third leg of a three-legged stool, JCA serves to support and reinforce what our children are taught by their families and home church.

Even though JCA is a ministry of Riverview Baptist Church, we are a non-denominational school and as such, we focus, doctrine wise, on those fundamental tenements of Christianity that most every mainstream denomination can agree on. For a complete list of our doctrinal statements, please read our Statement of Faith.

Any family interested in enrolling their son or daughter at JCA is encouraged to visit the school. We also invite you to let your child attend classes for a whole or half a day to better experience all the opportunities JCA has to offer.   Simply contact our school office by calling 540-626-5222 or via email schooloffice@jcachristianacademy.com our school office to schedule a visit or request more information about our school.

For those families needing financial assistance, there are resources available to help. Please request information regarding this when speaking with our Administrator.

If you are a parent seeking to place your child in a loving environment where they can receive a quality academic and Christian education, then JCA is for you!  Please let us know how we can assist you in your endeavors.

Get printable application forms by clicking on the Family Admissions Application tab under PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS
and on the Student Admissions Application tab under PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS.

JCA does not discriminate in its admissions decisions, based upon race, color, sex, national origin, physical handicap, or ability to pay.