February 22, 2018

Inclement Weather Policy

It is Jefferson’s policy to tie our weather-related closings to those of Giles County. There is good reason for this; the Giles system has resources which are actually out checking roads early and, therefore, has a better grasp of the conditions in the county.

There are exceptions to the rule, such as when the two school calendars do not mesh or the snow begins after Giles busses are already out and cannot be recalled.  Should we get caught in this situation, and if you, as a parent, feel that conditions where you live are too dangerous to hazard, trust your own judgment as to whether to bring your child to school. In such circumstances, an absence would be excused and would not affect any child’s bid for perfect attendance.

Jefferson does have a code which is separate from the Giles TV listings on WSLS and WDBJ. It will only be used it in such situations as described above. Note that this will not be standard for all closings. In all normal circumstances, you will still look for the Giles County closing announcements.

Please remember that when school is closed, all other activities are also cancelled.